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imgA New Urban Development and Administration Model for Chile

RedAlmarza drafted a comprehensive proposal for the purpose of defining the institution’s long-term strategy in this important field.
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imgA New Life for Curarrehue Families

65 families from Curarrehue, in the IXth Region, were handed over their final homes. Grouped together in a committee called Estero Pulongo, they chose RedAlmarza as their Social Housing Management Institution (in Spanish, EGIS) to execute the project. This is the first town the company has built in the region.
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imgLatin American Agreement

RedAlmarza signed an agreement with the Inter-American Construction Industry Federation (in Spanish, FIIC) for conducting the feasibility and design study for the Second Floor Fund aimed at refinancing mortgages in 18 countries.
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Urban Crisis: Chaos or opportunity?


87% of all inhabitants in Chile live in cities, suffering the impact of the urban crisis which affects all sectors on a daily basis, particularly low-income segments. As a result, it is necessary to make substantial changes in urban institutionalism.
In view of that, RedAlmarza put together a comprehensive urban reform proposal which is a significant part of the necessary modernization of the State.
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Work with us
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img Laura Acuña,

“The commitment of RedAlmarza toward their work has helped forge community relations”

“I arrived at Villa Wolf in 1970, so I have witnessed its history and how we’ve slowly made progress, both in infrastructure and socially.
By means of the community meetings with RedAlmarza, we established a work agreement in the areas of community, micro-entrepreneuring, housing and labor intermediation.”
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Social Entrepreneurs are not happy with just giving out fish or teaching how to fish. They will not rest until they transform the fishing industry. 
Hill Drayton, Founder of Ashoka.
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